Meet Our Team

At Mount Hope Church, our pastoral staff is dedicated to providing hope, help, and healing to our community, offering guidance, support, and a nurturing environment for individuals of all ages to grow in their faith and purpose.

Pastor Bryan and Tiffany Courtney

Lead Pastors

Pastors Bryan and Tiffany Courtney, ordained ministers with the Indiana District Assemblies of God, founded Mount Hope Church in January 2011. Their transformative journey began in 2001/2002 when Pastor Bryan and Tiffany encountered the Gospel, leading them to surrender their lives to Christ. Answering the call of God, they studied at the Michigan School of Ministry, Indiana School of Ministry,and Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan, before starting Mount Hope Church in Lafayette, Indiana. With a heart for the community, their vision includes the City of Hope outreach center and nurturing key leaders. At Mount Hope, expect a welcoming family, an atmosphere of God’s presence, and a place of belonging and becoming where Hope, Help, and Healing abound. Join them as they unfold God’s plan in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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Wayne & Delight Peercy

Ministry Development Pastor

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Isaiah & Jamie Wilson


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Jim & Joann Spaulding


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Scott & Tiffany Fox


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Marvin Kelsey


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