Discover your purpose, make a lasting impact, and be part of a community that embodies hope, help, and healing by joining a team.


Are you ready to use your musical talents to bring hope, help, and healing to the hearts of others? Join the worship team at Mount Hope Church and experience the joy of serving through singing or playing an instrument, as we come together to create a powerful atmosphere of worship and connect with God in a profound and meaningful way.

Care / First Impressions

Join the Mount Hope Church’s First Impressions Team, where you can make a lasting impact by warmly greeting people, serving coffee, and helping with parking, all while embodying the values of hope, help, and healing.

Mount Hope Kids

Discover the joy of making a lasting impact in the lives of kids at Mount Hope Church, where you can serve with love, bring hope, help, and healing, and be a positive influence on the next generation.


Experience the joy and satisfaction of making a lasting impact on the lives of teenagers by becoming part of the dedicated team at Mount Hope Church. We strive to create a nurturing and empowering environment where these young individuals can truly thrive, grow, and discover their full potential. Join us today and be a part of something incredible.


Join the dynamic cleaning team at Mount Hope Church, where you’ll play a vital role in ensuring that every corner of our facility shines, embodying the values of hope, help, and healing while creating a welcoming and clean environment for all.and grace.